The Voices ★★★½

The Voices has to be one of the darkest comedies I have ever seen. Ryan Reynolds plays a worker in a bathtub factory named Jerry trying to ask an attractive girl from the accounting department out on a date. It seems innocent enough at first but once his cat and dog starts talking, it immediately goes off the rails. Jerry is mentally unstable, as the voices in his head convince him whats right and whats wrong, even after he starts killing people. He seems like a good guy, but I think he knew he was far from good even if when he tells himself he's good.

I love the cat and dog duo in the film and not just because they are both played by Ryan doing different voices. The cat represents his twisted side justifying his killings, while the dog is his morality trying to convince him to do the right thing. You know they both are representing Jerry's broken mind arguing with one another over his actions. The talking heads of his victims are even scarier as I feel like its a fusion of the cat and dog, both nice but also angry considering Jerry killed them.

I will admit the humor in this film came out more creepy than funny, which might have been the intention. I mean the ending could have been funny if the film didn't have such a dark ending before it led to it. It truly is a twisted work of art, something I knew was going to be dark going in but not this dark.

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