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This review may contain spoilers.

Marvel’s second Disney+ show is like buddy drama/action movie featuring two of Captain America’s closest allies. How can you not love a concept like that? I wanted to wait this time around to finish the season before I talk about it due to it being shorter than WandaVision. Plus I wanted to get my full thoughts on everything from each episode.

The show focuses on Sam and his personal dilemma of accepting the title of Captain America, considering Steve passed his shield down to him after Endgame. He felt that he couldn’t live up to Cap’s mantle so he gave it up, much to Bucky’s dismay. But the thing is throughout the series, we see why Steve gave Sam the shield. Sam has similar characteristics from Steve Rogers, even down to him trying to sympathize with the main(ish) villain, who’s reasoning does have some weight to it given the severity of their crimes. Bucky had an interesting arc as well, trying to fit into the world after recovering from his brainwashing. The Shield connected with him because it was the last piece of Steve he had left since his passing.

Baron Zemo’s return seemed destined, but his character didn’t feel like he should have come back. His goal was met when he divided the Avengers back in Civil War, so I would have thought he got his vengeance. But I think the way he’s utilized, his purple Thanos mask and the fact he improvised a dance that everyone lost their minds about, I guess he’s worth it in the end. The Flag Smashers are an interesting set of enemies, but were written to be like freedom fighters against the new world government after the Endgame Blip. At this point, I would even consider Sharon being a villain due to her status after Civil War (bet that will be explored soon).

Can we also talk about John Walker? Wyatt Russell plays off an amazing solider who tries to live up to the mantle of Captain America. He has is own issues we see through out the story, making 100% certain the Shield was only meant for Sam. U.S agent was written intentionally to be an unlikeable character, a solider nothing like Steve Rogers. I am disgusted that some fans sent Wyatt death threats because they hated his character. He was written to be an unlikeable character, something you think people would catch on and not take too seriously. I will admit it is chilling to see Cap’s shield partial covered in blood after John committed a murder, you never see Steve doing that.

This Marvel story was built to be an episodic journey. There was clear there were different villains, a lot of development for two characters who played more secondary than main and each episode kept me excited for the next one. Much like WandaVision, I hope we see these two again in another season or in future films. I would love to continue seeing Sam as Captain America in the MCU’s future.

One more question: Why is Elaine from Seinfield on the show looking like she’s got some big plans for the future? I was 100% not expecting to see her in a Marvel production.

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