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  • Horrible Bosses

    Horrible Bosses

    Another classic comedy to come out within the pool of comedies that can succeeded and others that can fail. Where as the story and situations are usually what makes a comedy really funny, it's the development and interactions of the characters that sells it. Our leads work amazing off one another and the mesh well with the bosses they try to kill. It be so easy to make some these characters unfunny but somehow they are 100% likable and hilarious…

  • The Voices

    The Voices

    The Voices has to be one of the darkest comedies I have ever seen. Ryan Reynolds plays a worker in a bathtub factory named Jerry trying to ask an attractive girl from the accounting department out on a date. It seems innocent enough at first but once his cat and dog starts talking, it immediately goes off the rails. Jerry is mentally unstable, as the voices in his head convince him whats right and whats wrong, even after he starts…

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  • Whiplash


    I was a drummer for a while and I am glad I never had a teacher as rough as J.K Simmons was. It's a great film about the struggle for perfection from both the student and teacher. I felt Miles Teller's character and his struggle, but also intimidated by J.K's character and his method of teaching. I imagine it must be extremely difficult to perform the Jazz music the teacher is looking for, its faster than any Jazz song I…

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Marvel’s second Disney+ show is like buddy drama/action movie featuring two of Captain America’s closest allies. How can you not love a concept like that? I wanted to wait this time around to finish the season before I talk about it due to it being shorter than WandaVision. Plus I wanted to get my full thoughts on everything from each episode.

    The show focuses on Sam and his personal dilemma of accepting the title of Captain America, considering Steve passed…