Willy's Wonderland

Willy's Wonderland ★★

31 Days of Horror (Spoopy Season) 2021 - Film #7

So...if I'm being completely honest I found a cleaning and quiet Nicolas Cage to be quite the pleasant surprise, now he's amazing as a loud over-the-top actor (he was still over-the-top, but not loud) but something about his performance in this film was very chill and brought upon nothing but good vibes. This movie is directed by Kevin Lewis and stars Nicolas Cage,Emily Tosta,Ric Reitz,Chris Warner, Beth Grant,Kai Kedlec,Caylee Cowan, Jonathan Mercedes, and Terayle Hill in this film that mixes in the hilariocities of a hilariocity movie and the entire premise of Five Night's at Freddy's, which leads to a final product of a film looking very...odd in the end. Now the main attraction for this film is Nicolas Cage (obviously) and while some may not enjoy it...I actually found it refreshing for him to play the "silent badass" type of character, in my opinion he absolutely nailed his role, as he always does. Sadly though, in the mix of this entire film there lies a whole handful of other characters that just weren't all that interesting. Story wasn't all that interesting either, and when you come off as a copycat of another IP and attempt to make something extremely similar then you'll just end up with something that feels relatively lazy. Practical effects and other visual techniques to bring these animatronics to life were alright, sometimes they looked solid...other times they just straight up looked pretty bad. The editing for this film wasn't doing it any favors either. Pacing was just about all over the place when it came to the film going back and forth between showing Nicolas Cage's character and the group of teenagers who sort of make up the screentime, either way...wasn't evenly paced or structured to my liking (thankfully this was rather short). Seeing Cage actually go up against an animatronic and brutally murder them was a sight to see for sure, a pleasant one if I do say so myself. Story concludes in a rather cliché way but it's not like I was unsatisfied with how things went. It just could've been a little better. But in the end I think this film became EXACTLY what it set out to be, at the same time I will say that I didn't exactly enjoy all of it, it is what it is. So yeah, nothing too special other then some standout Nicolas Cage moments...other then that this just ends up being a skip for me. Not recommended.

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