Trick 'r Treat

Trick 'r Treat ★★★★½

31 Days of Horror (Spoopy Season) 2021 - Film #12 (Bonus/Late Review)

I would like to sincerely apologize for my 11 day absence, stocking up an entire grocery store with only 3 other workers in the night during the month of November has left me just about too exhausted to do anything in the day, but I found the time to finally watch and review this film (which I was planning to do all of that on Halloween Day, but I got bust sadly) and I'm happy to say that I really dug this film. This film is directed by Michael Dougherty and stars the cast of Quinn Lord,Leslie Bibb,Tahmoh Penikett,Dylan Baker,Anna Paquin,Lauren Lee Smith,Moneca Delain,Britt McKillip,Brett Kelly, and Brian Cox in this film that takes a bunch of stories and knits them all together in a perfect way while also making sure each story was unique in its own way. And not only that but every story got handled very well in terms of screentime given. The set of actors given also do a very good job with the script and tone that the film sets out and in the end it makes things feel very consistent. Also lemme just quickly say that Sam is the cutest little pumpkin child I've ever seen and he deserves all of the candy and Halloween spirit imaginable. Speaking of that "Halloween Spirit", this films gets it all the way and makes for a perfect movie to watch during the month of October. Small practical/CGI effects moments really stood out in a rather good way actually, you can tell that the budgeting was done well for this project. As an anthology film I think this may be one of the best ones, it certainly is THE BEST when it comes to the horror genre, and I will stand by that opinion till the day that I die. Twists and turns took me by surprise, the unpredictability of everything added to not only the fun but to the suspense of it all aswell. Could have this been more scary? Yes. Could this have had a much longer runtime? Absolutely. But for what we got this is still a damn good film that accomplished a lot with its 80-minute runtime. For one last thing that I'd like to quickly say about this film, it's that I appreciate it for having fun with itself, it wasn't all too serious of a film and I think that added in more of that "Halloween Spirit" that was making everything so much fun for the film. So yeah, this is pretty much a must watch for the month of October, and while I didn't get a chance to view it last month I'll be sure to do so next year and for the next year aswell (and so on). Highly recommended for sure!

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