Dune ★★★★★

Holy Shit.

This masterpiece of a film had me SCREAMING...but without the S. Like everything about this worked for me, it won't be for everyone but it certainly was for me, and I'm glad I waited to check this one out in theaters cause it's the definitive way to do so. This film is directed by Denis Villeneuve and stars Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson,Oscar Isaac,Jason Mamoa,Josh Brolin,Stellan Skarsgârd, Sharon Duncan-Brew,Javier Bardem,Chang Chen,Stephen McKinley,Dave Bautista, David Dastmalchian,Charlotte Rampling and Zendaya in this film that is easily my favorite to come out this year, which is fantastic considering that this was my most anticipated film for the year and I had already massive expectations for the film. So for starters I will mention that I haven't read the novel by Frank Herbert BUT this film does an absolute excellent job of world building and giving you everything that you need to know on everyone. As some people have mentioned about this film, this is mostly a setup of what's to come, which is why the pacing takes its time with itself (which I didn't even notice cause I was so immersed in everything going on). Denis Villeneuve's direction for this cannot be replicated, the dude made the most perfect film with this material and I highly doubt anyone is going to make something better. The directing was magnificent and it all felt very natural when it came to how the story flowed, consistency was on point. Now the cast is absolutely massive in terms of star power and somehow that didn't distract from their characters that they were playing. And I'd also add that everyone's performance was amazing. Now I haven't seen too many of the films Timothy Chalamet has been in, but for this film he really impressed me with his range as Paul, and I can't wait to see more of the character in the sequel. Jason Mamoa for me was a neat little surprise, wasn't in the movie for too long but he definitely had a presence to him that was overall very fun. Stellan Skarsgârd as Baron was absolutely terrifying for me and the makeup/prosthetics on him are perfection. Rebecca Ferguson continues to impress and I'm happy to say that she was great in this also. As you can tell, I really thought that all of the cast members did a great job. Visuals/CGI/Cinematography and all other types of technical aspects were done to perfection and this is easily one of the most stunning films I've ever seen. To think that Black Widow had a larger budget by nearly 25% is just insane to think about. And how can I forget to talk about Hans Zimmer's score? You can tell he was passionate about his work on this, and you can tell cause it's one of his best that I've heard from him in awhile and it gives this film so much immersion and life. A great thing to keep thinking about is how the sequel has been greenlit and that this story shall be finished & not incomplete. The fact that this is overall successful with a casual audience is crazy and a miracle, I'm so happy that this story will continue and I can't wait for more of it come 2023. If you haven't seen this yet I'd personally avoid HBO Max and check it out on the biggest screen possible, it isn't for everyone if I'm being completely honest but its still an overall perfectly made film that turned out so much more better then I expected it to. HIGHEST of recommendations.

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