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With Avatar now beating Avengers:Endgame for the #1 spot when it comes to highest grossing film of all-time on it's newest re-release, I thought it would make sense to finally rewatch this after 12 years (I did see this in theaters when I was 6) and give it a review. So...I'm a bit confused at the moment, I was really expecting to hate this and jump on the bandwagon on calling this overrated but somehow, someway...I actually ended up enjoying this quite a bit actually. This film is directed by James Cameron and stars Sam Worthington,Zoe Saldana,Sigourney Weaver,Joel David Moore,Stephen Lang,Michelle Rodriguez and Giovanni Ribisi in this film that obviously has had a lot of talk around it. This obviously became a groundbreaking film for it's time due to it's phenomenal visuals but as time went on their seemed to stem some hate around it, especially after all the sequels were announced. But for me watching this after 12 years, I found myself loving a lot about this film (while having my fair share of nitpicks). Now the world of Pandora is absolutely stunning and the world building is just perfect with the huge runtime given. And even then it still feels like there is a lot of potential of what could be done within the next couple of films for the franchise. The design of Pandora can truly be jaw dropping to look at. I love the creatures and the culture of The Na'vi was also very well explored and it all felt very well developed. Now a good portion of the visuals (mostly the environment) have still aged well, there are definitely a good handful of stunning scenes to look at. I will agree that sometimes the film did look a bit video game-ish. But the action scenes were still so cool to watch, even if some didn't look as good as others. The film just feels like one gigantic spectacle and you can tell James Cameron was doing everything he could to make it as perfect as he could possibly can. You can call a perfectionist arrogant or too cocky but in the end, they mostly deliver on what they set out to do. I will say the characters were kind of the weakest part of this film, they weren't bad, they just fell flat in terms of quality compared to the rest of the film. The score and sound design is perfect, I thought the technical aspects were done well here. Like I said before, I like this film...I didn't expect to after hearing a majority of people trash this but I did enjoy it and that's that. It's not perfect but it's good enough, if you do ever get the chance to watch this when you haven't yet then I highly recommend you do since it's getting a ton of sequels for this decade. So yeah, I do highly recommend this.

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