Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves ★★★½

As a prequel film, these types of movies usually fall in the shadow of what they came after...not the exact case for this specific film though. In my personal opinion I feel as though this is slightly a better film than Army of the Dead. Also the month of October this year was all Hans Zimmers' and no one expected that, the man composed two absolutely perfect scores with this and his work on Dune. This film is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and stars Matthias Schweighöfer,Nathalie Emmanuel,Stuart Martin,Ruby O. Fee,Guz Khan,Jonathan Cohen and Noémie Nakai in this film that is an overall solid heist film that does fall into some tropes that have been overplayed... but still, with a style unique to itself it managed to stand out in the best ways imaginable. If I were to get the major nitpicka out of the way, it's the fact that it is a prequel to Army of the Dead. With that knowledge you're able to decipher a lot of what's going to happen, which ends up making the whole film predictable. And not only that, it's that the film reminds you time and time again that it is a prequel when it references the "Zombie Outbreak in Nevada". For a film within a completely different genre (for the most part, it's still a heist film) then Army of the Dead it tries its hardest to remind you that they're connect when they never really had to do that at all. This movie being itself (and only thinking about itself) is the best thing it could've done. As I mentioned earlier in this review, this is a solid entry to the heist film genre and its style of tone and editing really gave this life. And lemme also mention that that cinematography in this film was perfection, it looked beautiful and the locations were just the right places this story needed to go in. I'll be completely honest by saying I wasn't the biggest fan of the character Ludwig Dieter in Army of the Dead, but in this film he's flesh out so much more and actually becomes a very fun & compelling character to watch. Matthias Schweighöfer's performance really stands out in this film and I'm happy to have seen more of his character. Everyone else in the cast was solid, some better then others, but overall it was good. The film was maybe 15 minutes too long but the overall pacing was solid, a few slow downs here and there but it didn't bother me too much. Also I already mentioned this before in the review but I'll mention it again, Hans Zimmer's score was perfection. So yeah, this prequel in my opinion was fantastic and even better then what came before in my opinion. And I'm glad I gave this a watch cause it's something different. With all of the Comic Book movies and series' coming out it's nice to know movies like this are always around the corner to watch aswell. Definitely a recommend from me.

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