We Have to Leave Here Together

We Have to Leave Here Together ★★★★★

I went through a brutal break up this year. I got married young, to my very first girlfriend. We have to leave here together, feels like a quiet death of a relationship. The things you don't say, the thoughts you wish you could convey but just cant. The poem scene and the conclusion with the montage of "I love you's" "are you okay" and "I'm sorry" both broke me. Joel clearly is speaking from deep personal tragedy. When my divorce was official he called me on the phone and we had a 30 minute conversation and he was there for me. I felt like few people gave me that level of humanity and respect. Joel is an upstanding guy, a wonderful friend, and empathetic human and an outstanding artist. This film is quiet and brutal in its examination of falling out of love. I doubt this will be as popular as some of his more "mainstream" work like Drowning in Potential. But this feels incredibly raw and from a place of genuine urge to express feelings through art. Joel is the best filmmaker of our time and I feel incredible grateful to call him a friend. I love you Joel and I hope you are doing good.

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