The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

A brutal revenge story set within the older Icelandic realm of the Vikings. The movie moves along at a FAST clip speeding through to the real story quicker than I expected. Alexander Skarsgaard and Anya Taylor-Joy really carry the film with Claes Bang giving us that extra oomph to really bring it home. Initially I expected the hallucinatory and bleak vision behind The VVitch and the Lighthouse but this feels entirely like an action movie and horror movie molded together. Yes there’s Eggers style in between the cracks but large chunks of it are (beautifully framed) action. I wish they’d lingered in some of the more horrific scenes as that feels like where Eggers is most comfortable. Still I suppose in this day and age for an original Icelandic revenge story featuring an indie darling cast a little compromise is to be expected. What’s incredible is the film feels watered down from a strong vision and it’s still really good. I mean nothing beats watching two men fight to the death butt naked inside a volcano. Focus is marketing this well because the action inside will definitely carry it to success over the weekend. Look for dudes everywhere to talk about this movie (and miss the already great Valhalla Rising). Still, this movie wants to have its cake and eat it too.

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