Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

For the record, no one here is a bigger Rian Johnson fan than I am, ok. I’ll fight you over that if I need to. Brick has been my (tied for) favorite movie since 2006. So…that’s why I wish I had stronger feelings about this one. Obviously it’s impeccably crafted, and the script is truly one of a kind. The acting performances are all incredible, I loved seeing everyone flexing their chops in such an entertaining way, and I will certainly buy my tickets in advance for Benoit Blanc’s next adventure (also, shout out to Rian’s dedication to becoming Agatha Christie’s successor). Also, Edi Patterson is my girl, and if you haven’t seen her work in HBO’s Vice Principals and Righteous Gemstones, or listen to her on Comedy Bang Bang you are truly missing out. Also, both the doughnut hole speech and Craig singing in his car are legendary.

I guess it comes down to expectations. I was looking forward to a true “whodunnit,” even though its not a preferred genre of mine because I knew in Rian’s hands it would be a truly mysterious mystery, and I really wanted to see him tackle that structure. For that reason I really loved the first act of the film; I loved the interviews with the family, that sequence was exactly what I signed up for. And then when I realize Rian was flipping the genre on its head, it took the wind out of my sails a bit. It never stopped entertaining me or impressing me, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I will also say that I enjoyed that it wasn’t just “political,” but it was timely in the most accurate sense of the word. When the family is arguing over “illegals crossing the border,” I felt like that exact conversation was probably being had in living rooms across the country, verbatim. Entertaining, surprising, smart, timely and fun with a terrific cast, I may not have loved Knives Out, but the fact that so many other people did makes me extremely happy.

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