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  • Come and See
  • The Tin Drum
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • Closely Watched Trains

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  • Uncharted


  • Full Metal Jacket


  • Guard Dog


  • A Single Life


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  • Closely Watched Trains

    Closely Watched Trains


    Bumped it to 5 on viewing two. Riding the rails near the top of my favorites.

  • The Painted Bird

    The Painted Bird


    High marks for impressive production and going for broke(nness) with the "difficult to watch" tag preceding it. Sure, it's a powerful and showy piece, even quite compelling, but I'm torn. It's an inspired film composing great care and beauty in each frame, cut with an enormous burden of brutality, abuse and suffering. I'm watching "the kid with no name" go through this harrowing journey without knowing anything deeper than the pit of despair dug for him. It hints at hopeful…

Popular reviews

  • Prometheus



    (Quickie 2012 Year End Review)

    Sure, one can find holes and nitpicks with Ridley Scott’s tie-in and relaunch of his original “Alien” franchise. It’s even quite corny and spacey at times. And I more than any prefer him play with the smaller budget, pacing and mannerism of his late ’70s “less is more” space horror masterpiece. However, there is no need. This is the work of a big artist having big fun, playing with big toys, and most importantly, dreaming…

  • Billy the Kid

    Billy the Kid


    Excitable Boy…

    Billy is like a lot of small town fifteen-year-olds.

    -Billy likes to listen to KISS and AC/DC.
    -Billy likes to imagine himself in a Harry Potter potion class as opposed to hum-drum high school chemistry.
    -Billy loves girls, but also respects them.
    -Billy loves horror movies and talks about them a lot.
    -Billy jumps subject ship so fast and onto the next and sometimes with unease and twitchy intervals.

    We all had Billy, or a handful, in our…