Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★


Did not expect to be as floored by this as I did. Taika Watiti balances comedy and drama so well to create something that is sweet, hilarious and devastating to equal effect. The cast all do an incredible job. Scarlett Johansson in particular gives such a warm, caring performance that it was impossible to not be won over by.

Watiti gives a memorable turn as a satirical version of Hitler that is never overused, while Thomasin McKenzie continues to be an absolute star after Leave No Trace and this. Beautifully shot with a killer soundtrack.

The emotional beats hit so hard, making this one of the most essential war films of recent years with a heartwarming message about how stupid hatred is. Loved this so much.

This could have been such a tonal disaster of a film, but it's handled with such care and delicacy. Making for something is hopeful, tragic and hilarious all in one.

Watiti is so much more interesting when he's not directing Hollywood tentpoles. Far more excited for his football film coming up than Thor: Love and Thunder.

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