Spencer ★★★★★

"Will they kill me, do you think?"

In joint protest for the SAG awards distasteful snub towards Kristen Stewart, me, and tons of fellow fans rewatched Spencer tonight on Twitter Spaces together. You'd think I'd be maybe just a "little bit" tired of watching this film so many times by now, but I most certainly am not. Aside from the fun and amazing energy with the group tonight. Talking about our shared love for the film, Kristen Stewart, and everything that went into making it behind the scenes. After 9 viewings since release, I can now more than ever confidently say, not only is this one of my favorite films of all-time, but oddly enough it has become quite the comfort film for me as well. The vast array of emotions it makes me feel. The incredible technical prowess behind it all. The tour de force performance that I still believe will win an Oscar come March 27th. And the beautiful, swelling, and unforgettable jazzy meets classical score from Jonny Greenwood playing. All while Claire Mathon's stunning cinematography constantly captures your eye.

I love it. Wholeheartedly and unabashedly. Pablo Larrain and the rest of the Spencer crew deserve so much more. I truly can not thank them enough for bringing this masterpiece into my life ❤️.

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