Scream ★★★★

"Ghostface is back. Don't come to Woodsboro..."

Scream graciously continues to be (in my opinion) the greatest horror franchise of all-time. You'd think after 5 films there would have to be an absolute dud right? Nope, even Scream 3 which is considered to be the worst by many fans, still finds it's self teetering on the positive side of things. So after 26 years to say that is quite an achievement, is an understatement! Especially considering that the latest feature is not only the first in the franchise to not be directed by legendary Director Wes Craven, but to also be better than a few previous installments as well.

Taking place 11 years since the last string of Woodsboro murders carried out in Scream 4, we are of course once again introduced to a handful of new characters. As well as of course being greeted by some of those we have grown to love after all these years too. Naturally still being completely self aware, meta as ever, and containing some fresh and new twists to the franchise's storyline. Elevated with some of the most gruesome and satisfying kills in the entire franchise up to this point, another stellar soundtrack, well placed fan service, and a standout performance from Jenna Ortega as Terra Carpenter.

There is a lot to love, mourn, and to talk about with this installment. As a fellow fan who respects how much this franchise means to people, I'm going to have to save that conversation for another day. However I am beyond glad Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette were able to pull this one of for fans in the end. And honestly I'm not too surprised either. Considering their fantastic work on 2019's still somewhat over looked horror romp, Ready or Not. In short, I really don't see this disappointing many fans, like at all.... And I truly believe Wes Craven would be proud! Rest in peace Horror king. ❤

....."I still prefer The Babadook."

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