Pig ★★★★½

"We don't get a lot of things to really care about..." - Rob

This was completely and utterly remarkable. Michael Sarnoski's thought provoking revenge drama, 'Pig' is equal parts contemplative and heartbreaking. A throughly gripping, visually appealing, and phenomenally acted piece of cinema from independent film studio Neon. Showcasing Nicholas Cage at potentially his absolute career best. Giving a deeply convincing and committed performance centering around the prospects of grief, perseverance, acceptance, and philosophy. With the utmost love and respect towards the art of cooking, nature, and existence alike. I always knew this film would be right up my alley. I did not however, expect it to be one of the most touching, well crafted, and effective films of the year for me. If you're like me and have continued to sleep on this one, don't. 'Pig' is more than worth your time, and only costs $1 to rent on Amazon Prime currently. Undoubtedly going to crack my personal top 10 films of 2021, truly a must see work of art.

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