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  • The Apartment
  • Ed Wood
  • The Matrix
  • Toy Story 2

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  • Emily the Criminal

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth


  • The Night of the Hunter


  • Dual


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  • Rejected



    An essential text for my generation. TWENTY YEARS AGO a friend of mine downloaded this off of Kazaa and it melted our little brains forever. Every single line in this short lives in my mind rent free.

    An early masterwork from Hertzfeldt

  • Scream



    So now within a month’s span we got two great legacy sequels - Matrix 4 and Scream 5. This hit the buttons for me that Ghostbusters Afterlife and Spider-Man: No Way Home apparently did for the rest of the world.

    I had so much fun with this movie. Was basically hooting and hollering throughout most of the runtime. Make more slashers!

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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    I'm at a point where my tastes feel completely disconnected from what general audiences want. It's fitting that one of the key elements of The Matrix has always been feeling disconnected from the rest of society. And here I am, obsessed with movies, watching and writing about a movie that is about other movies and stories repeating themselves over and over again in new ways, that is also disconnected from how other movies of its kind are expected to play…

  • Malignant



    James Wan is such a king for taking Warner's money in between Aquamen to make this.

    For sickos only.