Scream ★★★★

A big strong horror opener that sets the feel and tone for the rest of the movie. Scream raises the slasher/serial killer genre- it does something no horror film had done at the time- use other source material (Friday the 13th, Halloween etc.) as an advantage. This is where Wes Craven excels.

The backstory for Sidney is clever and meaningful, she's got a reason to be there. She's not some random girl in a stereotypical horror flick. A. unconventional trait I liked.

There's a great set of characters, including Randy, he's funny, knowledgeable and geeky (like all movie lovers)! Do feel he wasn't used enough but when he is on screen he owns it. Another performance I loved was Matthew Lillard- very psychotic and insane.

The killer's outfit/vibe is so iconic- the voice (menacing) and the costume mask is excellent.

And my favourite element about this film is the movie references dotted around, the ones I understood and don't. There's also some class lines in the film!

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