Kate ★★★

Kate is a bloodily violent and stylish revenge action film set in an eye-catching neon Tokyo and featuring some pretty high quality looking fight scenes. The film is oddly shot quite like a video game at times, especially in the car chase and with the little blue subtitles, which actually works well for the film's atmosphere, not bothering for an instant to try and be realistic.

Winstead and Martineau have great chemistry, although that's partly because I have soft spot for hitman-kid duos for some reason, perhaps because they are initially so jarring but end up quite similar. They are both great throughout, even if the writing can be a little embarrassing at times. And the film does get into a bit of a mess towards the end, deliberately pointing out the pointlessness of all the killing, but also not being a particularly satisfying ending.

Kate also suffers from inconsistent pacing, and a general lack of originality which leaves it in the realm of everything being expected or, at least, unsurprising. The substance is spread a little to thin despite there not being enough to spread.

But it's all aesthetically pleasing fun in the end... and that's all that matters.

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