Once Upon a Time in America ★½

the score: you would be NOTHING without me!
the movie: 👁👄👁 

much like my experience with The Untouchables, I was expecting a compelling mob movie that features De Niro as one of the main characters, but instead I was bored as hell. I just didn’t find anything to really latch onto? the characters were bland, Noodles (hilarious that THAT’S the name he went with, like girl who’s gonna tell him? 👀) was VERYYY uninteresting as a protagonist/ antihero, and the actual plot of the movie was boring and dragged on and on, and then I realized I was wasting time while gaining nothingshsh, like seriously that runtime is so pointless..... maybe its okay if studios cut down certain movies, lets be real 🥶 I joked about how the movie would be nothing without it’s music, and it’s completely true. It’s the only thing that breathes life into this shit and it’s unfortunate it couldn’t really save it. RIP to Morricone, man 🤌🏻💋 the acting was also not the best either, yes we love De Niro most of the time but here he comes off blanker than a piece of paper, LIKE DUDE CAN YOU AT LEAST LOOK LIKE YOU WANNA BE SHOOTING THIS MOVIESJJS James Woods and everyone else suck too, and it makes me wonder if it’s the dialogue that makes their performances terrible or the actors themselves... or both tbh

⚠️spoilers ahead ⚠️

now I don’t always going into detail and talk about the way movies can mistreat their female characters because I’m so desensitized to the shit they go through at this point, but this one really did piss me off ngl. I’m all for telling a story and sometimes having to show awful imagery to get the message across, but there was absolutely NO REASON for there to be two very uncomfortable rape scenes and other minor but still unnecessary mistreatment of women throughout the movie! the first rape scene I couldn’t even tell if it was one because they made it sound like she was enjoying it which is BEYOND disgusting. later when they make her guess which man raped her, she acts along with them and finds it amusing like wtf??? I swear men write the dumbest shit sometimes.... and I understand that back in the 30s misogyny was bumpin and women were treated like crap, but I highly doubt, no matter what era, that women don’t mind being raped and I feel like this movie completely ignores that. the second rape was even more disgusting. Noodles is supposed to love Deborah yet when she wants to leave to pursue her dreams (may I also mention that she has nothing against him and she clearly still likes him and probably would stay if she could), he gets so personally offended that he literally assaults her. It’s such a disgusting moment in the film that goes on for way too long and it didn’t even provide any purpose of developing his character. by the end he doesn’t tell Deborah he’s sorry or ashamed of what he did to her, AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE IT LIKE EXCUSE ME??? YOU’RE JUST GLOSSING OVER THAT SHIT?? ARE YOU TELLING ME THEY FORGOT TO WRITE IN HER MEMORY?? SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS THAT SCENE?? ughh, it’s so frustrating.... I’ve always hated the way Leone’s other movies mistreated women because they tend to have uncomfortable, consent-is-not-in-sight, type scenes and it’s really bad. I wouldn’t let it bother me as much for his other movies, but I’m not gonna let this one slide lmaooo

you just can’t expect me to be invested in these characters when they’re complete monsters and I’m somehow supposed to feel emotional over them while the movie plays beautiful music, I’M NOT GONNA FALL FOR IT!! there’s nothing to admire when it comes to their bond/ friendship, they’re raping women one minute and then laughing and being sentimental the next, LIKE WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT? WHAT’S THERE TO BE SENTIMENTAL ABOUT? THEIR CHILDHOOD? WHEN THEY WERE RAPISTS IN THE MAKING? btw it’s not like I’ve never been engaged in a movie where a male lead rapes women, ffs one of my favourite movies ever is A Clockwork Orange lmaoo, the difference is in those movies they’re self aware and don’t try to convince you that the men have some redeeming qualities. like I seriously can’t even tell you what the men were doing half the time in the story because before the movie tries to move on from one moment of disgusting behaviour, another one comes in out of nowhere and it’s so tiring and triggering and this is why I had to acknowledge it for my review 😪 

okay this was longer than I wanted it to be, but yeah unfortunately this movie is the “yes girl! give us nothing!” meme, and to me it just feels like an overly long, poorly paced and written mob film with De Niro and Leone’s name slapped onto it and I think that’s enough for people to think it’s a classic when it’s kinda shit 💩

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