One Night in Miami...

One Night in Miami... ★★★

Reminded me a lot of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom as this shares a very similar structure. It's written as a stage play and mostly takes place in one room/location, where the focus is almost entirely on dialogue. I like these kinds of movies, but I think I failed to be as mesmerized as most people I've seen respond to this movie. Part of me felt that the introduction scenes should have been cut, as they're not elaborate enough to really set up each character on their own. It works best when we get to that hotel room, and I think it could have just started right there. What I appreciate most is the flawless transition to different perspectives on the same themes. The arguments when they're all together are great , but I especially love when they mix it up and focus on two and two at a time, giving everyone a nice scene together. Regina King and Kemp Powers really nails the dynamic here. I guess what I was missing was a standout scene, like Chadwick Boseman's big scene in "MRBB". I think the closest to that was the A Change Is Gonna Come scene, which was really good.

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