Halloween ★★★★★


One fatal flaw prevents this movie from being a true masterpiece but it still is my all time favourite horror movie so let's start.

The pros😄
This movie is just filled with atmosphere.This movie is super supensful and the movie makes you feel a little unsettled and creeped out because it feels like Michael Myers could pop up at any moment and kill someone and when he does it is terrifying and even in scenes were he isn't killing people it is super supensful because you are just waiting to see what he does and see who he kills and when you don't even know he is there he just pops and scares you and I think this movie did that so well wile the other movies kind of got worse at it.The reason this movie is so supensful is because of the absolutely brilliant direction by john carpenter,with films like the thing he puts a lot of creepiness and the feeling of being unsettled in alot of scenes and this movie even in the most quiet of scenes still had a very creepy tone and I think most of that was because john carpenter new what e was doing and he knows when to use certain music and certain camera shots to rak up the tension up to 11.

The scares and deaths in this movie are all top notch.This movie doesn't shove violence in your face and make it seem like it's scary,it is more of the suspense that makes the movie scary because you don't know when Michael Myers is going to kill someone or when he even might pop up and when he pops up it can be both surprising and scary because it can be when you are least expecting and yes they can be considered jumpscares but they aren't annoying at all and even the more quiet scares are still fantastic as well.The deaths also in this movie while there isn't s tone of them,they are all top notch,they aren't gratuitously violent but instead it is done in a more tamed way and in some way that kind of makes it more terrifying and even though I think some of the deaths in the later movies are better,this movie delivers with deaths and I think the tamed violence is kind of more terrifying than gratuitous violence because you can picture what might of happened to that person in your head and some times the results can be nasty so props to this film for doing that.

The performances by Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald pleasance are fantastic.
Curtis plays a Laurie who is character that if alot more worrying than her friends around her and a lot more childish but in certain situations she knows what to do and in unexpected situations like this one she is scared and confused about what to do but she still manages to survive and defend herself from Michael Myers.Donald pleasance gives a phenomenal performance as dr lunis who is a character who knows Michael and knows how evil he is and he doesn't even call Michael by his name,he refers him as it sort of like an enterty spreading darkness everywhere and lunis is determined to stop this enterty from spreading any further and Donald pleasance nailed the role and made the character his own.Some of the other cast do a pretty good job as well and that is only a few and I will get into the others later.

The music is one of my favourite movie themes ever.It is super supensful and creepy and it makes you feel like something big is going to happen and it is just building up and up to something kind of like the theme from jaws.When this music is playing over certain scenes as well it just adds to the tension and makes the scene even creepier and there is one scene in particular where this music is playing that just gets under my skin because of how unsettling it is.

I could go on for days about how much I love this movie and how many things I like about it but after a while it would just start to drag so let's get into my biggest flaw with this movie.

The cons😡
This movie can have some absolutely atrocious acting.Most of the supporting cast don't really do a good job especially Lauries friends who I think do an atrocious job at showing emotion and acting and instead are jus there to shows boobs,have sex and then die and there is one girl in particular that can't act to save her life and that is really my only flaw.

The verdict😎
So overall Halloween is a cinematic classic and my favourite horror film ever.It features some amazing scares and deaths,amazing score,some of the most suspenseful scenes that have ever been in a movie and two great performances.If it weren't for the atrocious supporting cast than this film would be perfect but since it does it isn't perfect but I still love it and I give it my top recommendation.

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