Tombstone ★★★★

Film Number 2 in my January of Kurt

Tombstone is an early 90's gangster/western/moustache epic. It loosely and fairly inaccurately tells the the tale of the Earp family and their attempted retirement to the town of Tombstone. As you can expect it gets bloody.
As far as Westerns go, It's no Once Upon a Time and as an attempt at being a historical look the rise of organized crime in America, it is certainly no untouchables. It is however a suitably epic and endearing film, raised up by the exceptionaly strong moustache casting.
Kurt's moustache is great as the reluctant hero, despite a penchant for spouting psuedo religious Old Testament nonsense and avoiding gun fire by simply denying it's existence. Val Kilmer's Moustache puts on a wonderful southern dandy accent to play Doc Holliday. A gambler and hedonistic gunfighter who steals pretty much every scene it is in.
The only real problem with Tombstone is that you will spend most of the film wondering if the Moustaches were real or glued on. I have heard a rumor that it is being re-made. it seems new technology can now allow the moustaches to perform all the scenes with the actors being painted in digitally in post production.
Charlton Hestons Moustache wont be appearing because it has sadly passed away, but Clint Eastwoods has been approached and is rumored to be very interested.

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