Yi Yi

Yi Yi ★★★★★

Once again, I am left speechless upon finishing this film. Edward Yang's ability to convey these characters and their conflicts with such realism is something that I find so special. Not to overstate but I really believe that this is a film that can change lives; it has certainly moulded the way I think and make decisions. The events and dialogue that we see through these characters (notably Mr Ota, Nj, Ting Ting and Yang Yang) are presented in a way that feels intentional but also natural. We follow this family through their tender, sentimental moments; those key events (weddings, baby showers, funerals). Yang's choice of cinematography is incredibly immersive; the long shots constantly drawing me in. I found myself hanging onto every moment. Yang presents a story that's a beautiful mix of regret, hope and thought-provoking life lessons.

This film will always hold a special place in my love for cinema.

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