Sick ★★★½

I went back and forth between a 3.5 and 4.0 on John Hyams’ Sick but ultimately landed on the lower end. My thoughts are mostly positive due to the creative storyline and impressive camera work though I couldn’t ignore the somewhat weak pacing and absent score.

For starters, this has Kevin Williamson written all over it. As a co-writer, Williamson harkens back to Scream with a great opening sequence. There are also plot points later in the film that do the same. Second, many moments are a nightmare of a time capsule. We’ve got empty shelves, wiping down groceries, the death stare when coughing around people. This will be a great film to watch ten years from now as a remember when.

The camera work is absolutely sleek. Williamson and cinematographer Yaron Levy work great together. The camera is fluid, has things going on in the background that had my heart racing and a great shot that turns into an extreme dutch angle. Really well filmed horror.

On the negative side, I found the pacing to be a bit weak, the first act setup goes on way too long without any tension and the dialogue isn’t strong enough to weather it. Speaking of tension, Sick needed a better score. It’s practically non existent and really could’ve upped the anxiety factor.

Loved the final kill. 

Overall, despite some flaws this is an entertaining watch. It’s a smart film that subverts expectations.

Counting this as 2023 horror for ranking since that’s when it became available to a wider audience.

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