Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★★

all skin folk ain’t kin folk.

i am shaken. it’s going to take me a while to get over this movie. it was so beautifully shot and shaka king’s direction is so amazing, i’m excited to watch more of his films. his writing was so powerful and the words he wrote are so important.

daniel kaluuya gave the performance of his career, so far, and i am even more in awe of him. he truly is a gift to the art of acting and i hope he knows how talented he is and how much people love him. dominique fishback was truly a stand out, i knew she would be, but she really did embody her character and every time she was on the screen i was captivated by her. i really hope she blows up after this bc she deserves to. lakeith did really great too, his character made me livid, but his performance was really good. 

i really enjoyed the love story between fred and deborah it was beautiful to see and nice to have the black love in there even with the eeriness of the film. what i loved about this movie is that we saw how much fred truly cared, the liberation of black people was his life. and he seriously would do anything for us. he was only 21. TWENTY ONE and he had already done so much but also still had so much left to give. the potential that he held and the power that he had. i’ll never get over that. 

i’m still trying to get over this film so i’ll probably add more later, but this is right after i finished it.

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