Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

Brief story about this film and Thanksgiving: 

I’m missing the cinema today. Last year, I went to the cinema and watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Knives Out back to back on Thanksgiving day. Both films had a sold out crowd which made A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood less impactful (audience wouldn’t shut up until the scene where Mr. Rogers asked the guy to take a moment and think about everyone he cared about so that was kind of rad) but made me love Knives Out even more. Knives Out started and it was on my own in this crowded theater. Everyone got quiet when the film started but soon after people started leaning in and laughing as the film was going along. We got about 45 minutes in and I couldn’t help to notice that in the sold out screening there was one empty seat right beside me... and if you’ve seen this film, you know that some pretty important stuff happens in the first 45 minutes... well here comes this very elderly woman with a purse that almost seemed to be weighing her down walking up the stairs... and I was already thinking, “oh I’m done for.” She walked right up to me completely obstructing my view of the screen and said, “is this seat taken?” and laughed. She planted herself right down beside me and opened her giant purse. She literally pulled out a very large soda, a few containers with leftover turkey, and of course, a knife and a fork. As she ate and watched the film, she asked me if I wanted any... I respectfully declined. As far as I know, she enjoyed her meal and the film. I don’t know where she’s at today, but I hope she’s having the absolute best day.

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