Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

You watch the trailer. It looks fun. You think the film is about absolutely everything and maybe even nothing at all, but this movie is about something. And that something is so beautiful and so unbelievably sweet. The heart at the center of this film is so profound that just sitting here thinking about it is making me a little teary eyed. 

Oh and there’s also a fight scene where two of the people in it have something hanging out of their butts. 

I loved this film. Daniels have crafted something very special. It’s so funny, so inventive, so unpredictable, and so genuinely exciting. It’s anchored so well by the four absolute legends in it. The legends in question: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis, and the absolute legend of legends, James Hong. Each of them are given incredibly fun roles (especially Ke Huy Quan making a completely undeniable, meteoric, and infinitely charming return to the big screen), but the film doesn’t stop there and decides to make another: Stephanie Hsu. She absolutely rocks in this, and she’s so much fun. I imagine it would be near impossible to hold the same screen as Michelle Yeoh, but she does it well. 

This whole thing just rules. It’s one of the most exciting movies I’ve seen in a cinema in awhile. It looks great. It sounds great. The audience seemed to adore it; responding with laughs, sniffles, and even rewarding the film with applause as the second batch of end credits rolled. I loved it. I laughed and cried over this silly movie. I think it’s just great. 

Luckily, my head didn’t explode, but my heart did.

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