Me and bestie Scream go way back. When I was 6 years old I saw Drew Barrymore's iconic opening scene from the 1996 film and instantly became obsessed with this franchise, I dressed up as Ghostface and while I hate the 3rd movie, I've seen the rest like 20 times each. Now, the reason I'm saying this and i hope i don't come across as a douche, is to emphasize that my expectations were really high, especially with Wes' passing. I remember finding out that the duo behind 'Ready Or Not' (2019) were set to be the ringleaders for this new chapter and my expectations were even higher after loving 'Ready Or Not' and somehow knowing they were the perfect fit for the Scream franchise and I am so pleased to say, they deπŸ‘liπŸ‘veredπŸ‘.

'Scream' (2022) brings back all of our favorite Woodsboro heroes to tell the story of a new killer, where the characters we have loved for so long are not the stars, but will eventually play a fundamental part for the unraveling of this brand new gory chapter by helping the new group catch the killer. Really brave creative move I may say, to bring back a well established saga with its stars to only have them as supporting roles, risky but it makes perfect sense and it is the intelligence behind this sequel what makes it shines.

This franchise is known for making a meta / comical twist on stereotypical horror movie tropes by also having a bloody killer on the loose and later on taking on sequels and remakes, and while this is not the exception, I think it's where it works the best. The self awareness comedic timing has never been as hilarious as in this one, I never thought I would laugh out loud to a Scream movie for most of its runtime and not by making fun of it, but because of its brilliant spin on the recent spread of psychological horror, reboots within toxic fandoms on the age of Reddit and angry youtubers making movie commentaries.

Instead of updating or adapting the formula we all know so well into 2022, the screenwriters knew they had an audience to listen to but also found a way to make it work and keep it fresh for all time hard-core fans who will catch a handful of winks at previous entries and classic horror movies, but also appeal to contemporary newbies who may be unaware of the previous movies and they excell at it. What a fantastic time I had and I can't wait to see it 19 more times.

Also, Melissa Barrera you are a STAR! and Dylan Minnette hot

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