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  • John Wick
  • John Wick: Chapter 2
  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
  • John Wick: Chapter 4

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  • John Wick: Chapter 4


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  • Black Narcissus

    Black Narcissus


    The greatest achievement of Black Narcissus is that not for a second do you even consider that the film was entirely shot in Pinewood Studios

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    Europe has Homer's Odyssey, the Americans have John Ford's The Searchers. The movie is the essence of the American west, it's final scene the essence of moviemaking.

Recent reviews

  • Never So Few

    Never So Few


    After seeing Never so Few I am just grateful that this film didn’t wreck Steve McQueen’s career before it even got off the ground. I have always had a thing for these kind of old-fashioned war films that are low on the unnecessary subplots and affluent in action, explosions and bravado. Looking at John Sturges’ career he has always been the kind of director to deliver. He was no Hawks or Ford, but more like a 1950s/60s equivalent of Richard…

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai

    The Bridge on the River Kwai


    ”You have turned defeat into victory”.

    The great John Milius described The Bridge on the River Kwai as the ultimate ‘men-on-a-mission’ film. I don’t know whether I agree with him. It is undoubtedly a great ‘men-on-a-mission’ war adventure, but it only becomes one well after the one hour mark. I once heard Sydney Pollack state in an interview that The Bridge on the River Kwai takes its time that is almost unbelievable and is simply impossible to make today. Or…

Popular reviews

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    “No! He still follows his warrior gods marching to Wagnerian strains, his eyes still fixed upon the firey sword of Siegfried, and he knows subterranean meeting places that you don't believe in. The German's dream world comes alive when he takes his place in shining armor beneath the banners of the Teutonic knights. Mankind is waiting for the Messiah, but for the German, the Messiah is not the Prince of Peace. No, he's... another Barbarossa... another Hitler.”

    Only Orson Welles…

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    "So they were turning after all, those cameras. Life, which can be strangely merciful, had taken pity on Norma Desmond. The dream she had clung to so desperately had enfolded her."

    Sunset Boulevard might have the best script ever written for a movie. Having seen this movie now for a third time, I have come to believe that this truly is one of the greatest movies ever made. The dialogue, the cinematography, the dark, yet mysterious characters, the fun cameo…