Halloween ★★★

Doing a watch of the entire Halloween series. Film 1 of 11.

While this slasher is clearly the template for dozens (if not hundreds) of imitators (as well as nearly a dozen sequels) at this point, 40 years down the road, a lot of what they do in this has been refined, if not perfected. THAT SAID, the last third of the movie is still pretty great, with some great shots and good scares. It's just unfortunate that it took a long, boring hour to get there. And it kinda bugged me that the fact that it took place on Halloween was pretty much incidental. Michael Myers could've escaped from that mental asylum on Flag Day and been killing everyone then and it would've basically been the same movie. Do all the sequels take place on Halloween? I like to imagine Myers sitting at home with this page-a-day calendar, eagerly awaiting the one day of the year when he can walk around the streets with a William Shatner mask on and not be hounded for autographs like the real Captain Kirk. 10 MORE MOVIES TO GO!

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