Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

The first thing that I noticed when watching the film was its visuals. At first, I did appreciate it until it started to become repetitive and exhausting. Especially that their concept is multi-universe, they could have utilized more settings than mostly going back and forth inside the IRS office and laundry place.

I also acknowledge the performance of Michelle and Jonathan Ke. Though, almost everyone also hyped this as a fun, entertaining comedy. Thus, I went into the film thinking that I could even forgive a little the exhausting asian family trope executed here if I could have a great, fun watch. Thirty minutes have passed and I was still waiting for the comedy. Then, I realized that the humour was just not meant for me.

The dialogues and the way that everything unfolded was also not very smooth or flowing for me. It was like water and oil. It began with a family melodrama, then, abruptly, as if a bomb was just dropped off, it was an action-packed science fiction. As someone who has not watched the trailer neither any teasers, I expected nothing and the transition didn't seem very smooth to me. Furthermore, in spite of its action-heavy and fast-paced manner, it seemed very slow to me. There were numerous things that were happening, but it seemed like I was still waiting for something to finally happen.

Some films don't tickle your intrigue, but they can, at least, entertain you and make you laugh. Some films don't touch your soul or speak to you, but they can still arouse your interest or curiosity. Some films don't make you laugh, but they can leave you either feeling or thinking more than when you started watching it. Though, not one of these things did I gain from watching this film.

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