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  • Emily the Criminal

    Emily the Criminal


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    Any Michael Mann movie X Uncut Gems= Emily The Criminal 

    Emily The Criminal is directed by John Patton Ford and stars Audrey Plaza and Theo Rossi. The story follows Emily (Plaza) a down on her luck woman with immense debt and little to none opportunities to get out of her situation until she gets involved with a credit card scam which involves Theo Rossi’s character. Out of pure desperation and anger with her situation we see the transition of Emily…

  • Nope



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    This dream you're chasing where you end up at the top of the mountain it's the one you never wake up from.”

    Nope is directed by Jordan Peele and stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yuen. 

    This is Jordan Peele’s third directorial outing but is it his best? No not particularly for me. I think this is his second best movie so far (Get Out is still superior) but it is better then “Us” imo. 

    This movie felt like…

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  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    Don’t Worry Darling is directed by Olivia Wilde and stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles and Chris Pine. Story centers around Alice (Florence Pugh) as she slowly comes to realize that in the town she’s living in not everything is as it seems. 

    The drama for this movie was more entertaining then the movie itself. Let’s be honest. What makes it even more frustrating is the plot and story for this movie had potential but it was just completely wasted. Florence…

  • Section 8

    Section 8


    Section Eight is directed by Christian Sesma and stars Ryan Kwanten, Dolph Lundgren, Dermont Mulroney, Scott Adkins and Mickey Rourke. Story follows Jake a former military man whose wife and kid get killed so then he gets his revenge and goes to jail, he then gets freed from jail to work with a under the radar government team. Jake quickly realizes that Section 8 isn’t what it seems and then turns against the organization and it’s members come after him…

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  • One Way

    One Way


    One Way is directed by Andrew Baird and stars Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) Storm Reid, Kevin Bacon, Travis Fimmel and Drea De Matteo. 

    I’m not going to lie I expected this to be terrible. But I found it surprisingly not that bad. Which is a shocker to say the least. The whole movie takes place on a bus (probably due to budget constraints) but it actually worked well for this movie. 

    Machine Gun Kelly was actually good here and…

  • The Enforcer

    The Enforcer


    “Some Guardians Aren’t Angels” 

    The Enforcer is directed by Richard Hughes and stars Antonio Banderas and Kate Bosworth 

    Recently it seems like Antonio Banderas has taken the same DTV route as many other aging action stars like Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, John Travolta etc making mediocre DTV movies for a big paycheck.

    The Enforcer isn't the worst movie DTV movie I've seen this year but it's not the best either. Kate Bosworth and rapper "2 Chains" essentially have extended cameos…