Zodiac ★★★★★

I admittedly haven’t seen many of Fincher’s films but this one has been on my watchlist for a long time and I’m really glad I finally checked it out. The story is thrilling and I was becoming more and more interested in it as I watched. The runtime never weighed the movie down because it’s paced really well. Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. are fantastic but Jake Gyllenhaal gave my favorite performance in this movie, as he often does. 

Fincher’s camerawork feels omnipresent and detached from everything going on and it leads to some really beautiful shots and sequences. The colors pop so much in this movie and it just looks really nice. The way the camera moves is really interesting and between this and Seven, I can definitely say I’m looking forward to watching more of Fincher’s films now cause he’s made some classics that I still haven’t seen. 

The sheer amount of detail and the work they put into making things right for the period and the specifics about the case and the victims and investigations seem so well handled. I’ve seen some people question Graysmith’s book and his ideas about the case but with the limited amount of information I’ve gathered about it, they seem to have paid a great attention to the details of the case. 

It’s a great true crime film with an interesting through line about obsession and sacrificing a lot to entirely devot one’s time to something. Graysmith’s compulsive need to know who the killer is makes him the most interesting character in this movie and it helps that Jake does such a great job in his portrayal. Definitely check this one out if you’ve been on the fence cause it’s well worth your time.

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