Knives Out

Knives Out

Knives Out is definitely taking a spot in the official canon of quintessential Fall movies. The lighting, colors, costumes, and setting are all so comfortingly autumnal and it is such a cozy movie to watch around this time of year for that reason.

This was, behind my first two times seeing Uncut Gems, the most fun I had in the theater last year. I saw the movie with my entire family, which is rare as most of the films I get excited for are not the type that my parents/grandparents would be willing to see, and it was such a memorable and nice experience around the holidays last year. Every rewatch makes me love the movie even more.

It is so uniquely subversive while also beautifully tributing the murder mysteries which came before it. Rian Johnson cements himself as one of the most clever and thoughtful screenwriters working today with this movie, and a keen director as well. 

The cast is obviously just off the charts. Nothing more can be said. Don Johnson is probably my favorite performance in the movie, it’s hard to explain why but his character just feels so real to me. He reminds me of the type of weird uncle I would’ve met at a significant other’s family thanksgiving dinner back in high school, the kind she would’ve warned me about before we got there. “Heads up, he’s a bit much to handle and we think he is a little racist too.”

The editing during the interrogation scene toward the beginning is phenomenal, and does a masterful job at establishing all of the characters and their feelings toward other family members.

This is a beautiful movie with great production design, a twisted story, and the ‘96 Bulls of movie casts. It’s delightful and it will undoubtedly be a yearly rewatchable for me.

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