Loved it! Cool worms. Great cast.

The thought I was immediately left with is that I’m so relieved this movie is connecting with people, because Dune Part Two needs to happen.

Zendaya is really entrancing and I’m eager to learn more about her character in the next film as she appears only in the bookends of this one, save for the visions Paul has of her face throughout the story. Jason Mamoa is really good at being in movies. He’s just a lot of fun, and seeing him in this light makes me glad he wasn’t typecast as a stoic, silent type after Game of Thrones

I planned to have read the entire book before seeing this, but life happened and I was unable to get past page 200. Now I’m more motivated to complete the book because I would love to mine every bit of backstory and character motivation out of this before the next chapter.

Few directors could’ve helmed something this grand in such an effective way. Villeneuve is an amazing filmmaking talent, able to make small-scale thrillers and massive sci-fi epics with the same level of craftsmanship and gravitas.

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