Anima ★★★★

I have listened to such a small amount of Radiohead in my life and I’m really only familiar with Thom or Johnny Greenwood through their scores for Suspiria, Phantom Thread, and You Were Never Really Here. Clearly these guys are incredibly talented and I need to do a deep dive into In Rainbows, Ok Computer, Kid A, and more. Thom Yorke’s music is incredibly cinematic here and so well fit to be accompanied by a short film. I’m incredibly happy to see Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke embracing the streaming age and using Netflix to make this available so easily. It’s a beautiful short. I could’ve watched a version of this that uses the entire album and lasts as long as the record does. 

The visuals are beautiful, the music is fantastic. It’s dreamlike and somewhat surreal, surprisingly romantic. It’s captivating to watch. I mention in reviews often that I discover lots of new music through movies. Sufjan through Call Me By Your Name, Paul Simon through Baby Driver, King Crimson through Mandy. Looks like Paul Thomas Anderson has finally demanded my attention about Radiohead cause I will most definitely be looking more into Thom’s solo work and the band as a whole after this film. 

The choreography is great, the costumes are fantastic. The lighting and shadows are so stunning. Wish we got more short form films to accompany music now, popular music videos are often so boring and conventional so I love to see things like this or Guava Island with Donald Glover where they bring music and film together rather beautifully.

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