• Desperado



    I was slightly surprised by how bad I found Desperado. I watched it a million times in the mid-to-late 90s when I was a teenager, not only, just mainly, for Salma Hayek. I never thought it was a classic, Robert Rodriguez wasn't a filmmaker I was obsessed by, but I always remembered it being a fun, well-shot, action movie. However, on revisit, 25 years later, it is a mess. The first 30 minutes are all over the place and quite…

  • Old



    I had a great time with Old.

    It is an expert B-movie attempt at Luis Buñuel. M. Night Shyamalan's aggressive direction and choppy style is the real star of the film and everything he does with his camera is fascinating. The way he positions the frame, the way he creates unease through camera movement, it really is a director at the top of his game. A Hitchcockian level of technical filmmaking. You can argue the relative merit of Shyamalan's script,…

  • A Classic Horror Story

    A Classic Horror Story


    A non-union Italian reworking of Midsommar. Not another go at The Wicker Man, this is just Midsommar done again, but without any of the quality. The first hour is exceptionally dull and does little to build tension; the weirder it becomes towards the end, the better the film becomes. Also, the more Midsommar it becomes. I just have nothing to say about this film.

    Though, it was nice to see Peppino Mazzotta not playing Fazio. We were excited to recognise him for a role outside of Inspector Montalbano.

  • The Day of the Dolphin

    The Day of the Dolphin


    If you recast George C. Scott in The Day of the Dolphin with a 12 year old kid, the film would make total sense. It wouldn't be half as good, but it would make sense.

    The Day of the Dolphin is definitely an odd curiosity. A 1970s adventure film that is kid-friendly, but with a massively grumpy George C. Scott in the lead. He talks to dolphins but seems really annoyed that the dolphins have crap chat. The Day of…

  • The Tomorrow War

    The Tomorrow War


    The Tomorrow War is a mess. You can feel the re-shoots, you cannot miss the scenes added to provide humour. It feels like a compromised product, that still almost works as a loud, brash, right-wing piece of sci-fi action. There are a lot of entertaining minutes in its endless 140 minute run-time.

    The plot may not hang together and the action may be rote, but there is something enjoyable at the heart of the film. It has the politics and…

  • Twentieth Century

    Twentieth Century


    This is a good movie! Howard Hawks at his hyper-speed best. There is enough plot for three films but Hawks never misses a joke. He has such control of his craft, even when the film appears to be out-of-control.

    John Barrymore is spectacular as the hammy theatre director. The look he gives Carole Lombard after threatening to jump out a window at the end of the first act is properly hilarious. Barrymore dominates the film and goes fully over-the-top. It…

  • The Golden Child

    The Golden Child


    I didn't remember a single thing about The Golden Child. I saw in the 1990s and haven't seen it since. I am surprised I didn't remember the wholly outlandish plot; any of Eddie Murphy's jokes, or even/especially the dream sequence about Charlotte Lewis. I just didn't remember anything.

    So, this is arguably a first watch and I surprisingly had a great time with the movie. I read some other reviews and people really dislike this film, and I can understand…

  • The Witches

    The Witches


    The Witches is interesting anthology film. It consists of five comic stories, directed by Luchino Visconti, Franco Rossi, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mauro Bolognini and Vittorio De Sica. Each story is about witches and feature Silvana Mangano.

    The film was produced by Dino De Laurentiis and seems to be a loving effort to show how versatile and great his actor-wife Mangano was. It is very much a gesture undercut by the grotesquery of the tales and painful comedy that Mangano is…

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    The first time I have seen Fight Club in roughly fifteen years and I was pleased to say I still like it. It was a major film when I was at University. I started Uni in 2001 and it feels like it was everyone's (women and men) favourite film, at least for that first 6 months. That and The Matrix. Generational films, for my precise age group. I would have preferred Spielberg's A.I. to have been that film, but that's…

  • Akira



    I found Akira really annoying when I first watched it at 16. I always assumed I was wrong and that when I returned to it I would love it. Sad to say, I still think it is really annoying.

  • Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Snake in the Eagle's Shadow


    For a long time my answer to what is my favourite Jackie Chan film would be: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. I loved it the first time I saw it and it was probably the first time I saw Chan in this mode. An unbeatable character combination of comic-arrogance and unbelievable stupidity. Chan is at his Drunken Master best here, where every fight is designed to make you laugh, but it also has an unexpectedly painful edge. Not a surprise…

  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666


    Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is a fitting end to a likeable, if unspectacular, trilogy of Netflix films. I liked them all, to one degree or another, and I found the ending well tied-up. Like the first two films the period setting of 1666 was utterly unconvincing and I never really felt that the film committed to its origin story; however it all basically held together and managed to have some satisfying horror moments along the way. This time the…