Scream ★★★


On one hand, this was probably the most menacing and genuinely threatening Ghostface has been in a long time, possibly ever and its certainly the goriest of all the Scream films.

But 5cream falls down quite badly when it comes to script, not always the worst problem with a horror movie because we aren't expecting Sorkin here, yet, the constant meta references, dialogue and the overall meta-ness of the whole thing isn't half as clever as it seems to think it is.

For a film that deliberately points out why legacy characters are brought back in these situations, bar two scenes, failed to give adequate reasons for Campbell, Cox and Arquette to even be there, other than to bolster the new cast who other than Jack Quaid, fair to make any impact.

It's not a disaster. But it didn't warrant bringing the franchise back. This rates above the risible Scream 3 but its not touching 2 or 4, a despite a literal spectre of *****, doesn't have a single thing going for it that comes close to the original.

It's what Sidney says to Jill at the end of Scream 4;

"Don't fuck with the original