Lightyear ★★★★

This could have turned out to be a very run-of-the-mill, shoot-em-up space adventure, but it was definitely bolstered by a clever premise, which was that it was the movie that inspired the Buzz toys in the “Toy Story” universe! But it had even more to its premise than just that novelty, that made for some pretty good sci-fi to introduce young kids to the genre with. This may surprisingly be the best reboot I’ve seen since the “stellar” 2009 “Star Trek”! I’m sure more “Lightyear” movies are in our future! And hopefully a “Woody” series or show too!

Anyway, I loved the time dialation aspect, a la “Interstellar”! I’m always a sucker for a temporal/time travel story and it paid homage to other sci-fi epics too, like “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Star Trek”, and “Star Wars” in different ways, so extra credit for those reasons! It took a complicated temporal theory and made it easy for a kid to comprehend, likely creating a whole new generation of sci-fi geeks in the process! Ain’t nothing wrong with that! 🤓 My 4 year-old son will likely be one of them because I brought him and my daughter and wife for a Father’s Day family movie outing. It was his first ever movie in theaters and he loved it! We all did! And as Pixar does best, it still managed to make me emotional during the early time dilation segments. 

P.S. The whole hubbub over the lesbian kiss was as expected, WAY overblown. I didn’t even catch it. After the movie was over, I had to ask my wife if it happened, to confirm, because I really didn’t even notice. But even if it wasn’t so blink and you miss it, it didn’t bother me!

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