The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

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Not got the time to do full reviews right now but rewatched The Godfather for the first time in years and wanted to share a few thoughts.

Obviously the film as a whole is a spectacular tale that’s as sprawling as it is intimate, featuring great performances and a haunting score to boot.

I did however find a few small issues with it that I’m surprised I haven’t heard more. For a start, some of the violence really doesn’t hold up well today. I know back when this came out, what was considered ‘violent’ on film was different, and I have the same issue with Psycho and other films from that time. It is what it is and I can’t complain too much, but the scene where Michael is beating up Carlo in the street looked super fake.

The editing can also be jarring at times. There are points in the movie where months if not years pass and you don’t feel that passage of time nor is it indicated by on-screen text, so at times you feel like you’re watching the next day when in reality a long time has passed.

In the end it’s still a great, great film, with lots of big themes going on from loyalty to corruption, and even had some things to say about the American dream. I enjoy Brando’s performance in particular even if it’s really Michael’s story. I also appreciate what it did for the mob genre in making criminals classy. 

It has more than a few stand out moments too, basically whenever the violence occurs, and that’s largely because the film does such a good job at making you care about the characters. 

Excited to watch Part II tomorrow as I’ve never seen it, and I suspect from what I know about it that I might prefer it to the first. A brilliantly-directed film but I’m not sure I’m quite in the camp of ‘best film ever made’. 


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