Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

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So insanely good that it’s actually overwhelming.

Perhaps not as streamlined as the first one just because there’s SO MUCH going on, but it still manages to be, in my opinion, considerably better. 

You already know the animation is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so I won’t focus on that.

It’s heartfelt, thematically rich, and dark - yet still manages to be so much fun. This is a film for the die hard Spidey fans. At times, I felt like a novice, and I’ve been obsessed with Spider-Man for 20+ years (watched all the films and tv shows, played all the games, and read a decent amount of the comics). 

The Spot is a big improvement on Kingpin as the villain (not that I had a problem with Kingpin, but he didn’t particularly stand out either), and as a fan of the 90’s animated show, I was so pleased to see The Spot realised on the big screen in this way.

Not every character from the first one is in it as much as I’d hoped, but the new additions are great.

I have lots more thoughts but need time to process them, as there’s a lot to digest. Seeing it again this weekend; will give my full thoughts on YouTube.

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