Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

A fantastic lead (and I believe debut) performance from Roman Griffin Davis. A lot of this film rests on his shoulders and thankfully Taika Waititi discovered a talented child actor the likes of which I haven’t seen often.

Jojo Rabbit knows when to be dramatic and when to be comedic, and excels at both. It hits harder than I anticipated, is beautifully shot (it evoked Wes Anderson vibes at times and not just because of its suitable quirkiness) and has a good soundtrack. Great ensemble of scene-stealing characters too.

This is one of those films I’m just glad exists. I’m sure it took a lot of people a lot of persuading, but art like this needs to exist. Art that’s not afraid to take the subject matter of one of the most evil people to ever exist, and one of the worst things to ever happen, and not only poke fun at it but tell its story from the perspective of a Nazi and use satire to make its points. 

I also enjoyed the visual motif of shoes and the different things they connote: putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, following in someone’s footsteps, walking, moving, progressing, and how all of that is relevant to the story and characters at hand.

Fuck off, Hitler.


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