Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

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Decided this is the Wes Anderson film that clicks with me the most. As gorgeous as his live action films are, the quirkiness and almost emotionless characters just don’t really work for me.

In animation, for whatever reason, I can suspend my disbelief a little more, and fall into the story. Fantastic Mr Fox was a book I read as a kid, so maybe that helps? Either way, I have an insane appreciation for stop-motion animation due to the pure time and work ethic that is dedicated to it, and this ensemble cast (as with most Wes Anderson films to be fair) is crazy.

I kind of want him to make another stop-motion film, to complete his unofficial trilogy of them. I always hope when I watch a new Wes Anderson film that I’ll finally “get” his style, but it just never happens and I always end up thinking they look pretty, without being emotionally invested in the characters or story on screen. This is the exception to that rule. A funny, wonderful film. 

If, like me, you can’t quite get on board with his style or filmography, I’d suggest giving this a go. While still displaying all the best parts of a Wes Anderson film, it somehow feels like more than just that. 


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