• Softness of Bodies

    Softness of Bodies


    i really enjoyed this.
    red scare dasha is a poet, but we're meant to laugh at her a bit so it's ok with me.
    75 minutes of indie shambling around. goes in a fun & surprising direction.

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    i don't know anything and my stupid opinions mean nothing.

    but i hate almodovar. i hate the way his movies look. i hate the camp tone of some of them.

    nobody asked me, and like i said no one has to care, but here are big prestige directors that i think i don't like much.


    i'll try to think of others...

    i cannot deny that i ended up really getting into this story, despite…

  • The Leerie

    The Leerie


    yet again an alter thumbnail gives away the climax of the short. dorks.

    like the last short i watched, this is a bit of an homage (to the lighthouse, this time), but it's a very good one.

  • Two Devices Connected

    Two Devices Connected


    not angry i accidentally watched this twice cuz it's really, really good.

    watching a lot of sometimes not great shorts makes you appreciate the good ones.

  • Chicks




    i initially posted something about it being a 'the witch' rip-off, but it's pretty clearly an homage, really.

  • Killjoy Goes to Hell

    Killjoy Goes to Hell


    shockingly not awful.
    kinda fun, even. has a few legit laughs.
    almost no gore or violence though. i hit play assuming this was going to be a splatter film. no such thing.
    lead girl was good looking. they make her borderline goth when they turn her into a 'clown' near the end, which was super hot.

  • The Color Wheel

    The Color Wheel


    'you're not qualified to teach. you're barely qualified to learn.'

    perfect movie

    to me anyway.

    i've heard that perry is making an adaptation of 'the dark half.' i guess that's neat & i'm looking forward to it but i'd much rather get more movies like this.

  • Homebodies



    pretty fun, though it's oddly lifeless in spots for a movie about old people going on a killing spree. i feel like it maybe needed more music at times to push things along.

    i think their body count was misdirected though.

    instead of attacking the people who are trying to build new housing (only for rich people, we're told!), these old people should have been attacking the governments that probably imposed rent controls & tons of zoning & other regulations, making it…

  • Boy Meets Girl

    Boy Meets Girl


    i knew i wasn't going to like it but i watched it anyway, so i have no one but myself to blame.

  • Unlucky Charms

    Unlucky Charms


    good animation, fun, 5 minutes long.

  • Leash



    weird little short. a bit all over the place, really. unfocused. but it feels different, which is a bit of a relief after sitting through quite a few decent but same-y alter shorts.

  • Hangry



    kinda hated