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  • There Will Be Blood

  • Malcolm X

  • Jumanji


  • The Karate Kid Part II


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  • Queen Christina

    Queen Christina


    First Christina was gay in the sense that she was a butch who was into a woman

    Then Christina was gay in the sense that he was a dude who was into a dude

    Unfortunately the movie lost me once it sacrificed the interesting dynamic of her history in favour of a made-up heterosexual relationship BUT it's still so worth it for Greta Garbo's everything (and despite the heterosexual relationship it was still considered too gay, oh well...)

  • She's All That

    She's All That


    I needed something easy and predictable to watch + Freddie Prinz Jr was always an underrated king. Also this cast???????? wild.

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  • Enduring Love

    Enduring Love

    why did these things happen in this movie? apart from the interesting opening scene, very little made sense. the only answer I could come to was that the underlying paranoia that upper-middle class heterosexuals have is that their shallow lives might be upended by the threat of homosexual invasion.

    I think it wanted to be more serious than I felt it was, I was laughing the entire time.

  • Python



    Poetic cinema is whenever the camera cut between billy zabka and the bike-guy, like they were in a gay porn. also this was a fucking masterpiece of "oh hey, it's him!" casting.