Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street: 1978 ★★★½

Hell yeah! The slasher genre never truly disappeared but a certain ‘essence’ felt lost.... until now. Fear Street: 1978 is not only a homage and throwback to classic genre faire such as Friday The 13th and The Burning but a modern treat of the genre. With a refreshingly slower pace — allowing time to develop characters and some of the most glorious cinematography and lighting in recent memory, it is clear that there is a director behind this who knows how to craft a great horror film. Sadie Sink is brilliant and definitely deserves a status as one of the modern ‘scream queens’. The tie-in’s to the end of the last Fear Street which bookended this are also very well handled and make it connect into the bigger picture effortlessly. It’s certainly not completely perfect. Compared to the first the kills are quite tame and not as shocking and the excessive needle drops, although most of the music was great, were too much sometimes. Love the way the killer got his mask though and the summer camp setting never fails to deliver! An unexpected little gem.

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