• Something Wild

    Something Wild


    I wanted to like this? But I felt bored

  • Martyrs



    this was the first new french extremity film i ever saw and tbh none of the ones i have ever seen since have topped it

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    i remember being a pretty young teenager when i first watched this, maybe about 13, and falling asleep with the lights on in my room the night that i watched it because i was scared something was in my house watching me sleep. i remember that i watched it in the summer and i was nervous about swimming in the lake by my house after i first watched this, even though i had never been nervous about it before. over…

  • Parasite



    there have not been many movies that have come out this year that i've gotten to see that have truly left a lasting impression of "wow, that was really fucking good", but wow, this was really fucking good

  • Little Shop of Horrors

    Little Shop of Horrors


    this is the second best movie adaption of a musical ever made (the first is newsies, obviously)

  • Strip Nude for Your Killer

    Strip Nude for Your Killer


    extra half star for lesbians

  • The Dorm That Dripped Blood

    The Dorm That Dripped Blood


    this was like, a nice little hidden gem of a slasher, but the ending of it pissed me off

  • Housewife



    in true can evrenol fashion, i didn't understand what was happening, but it looked very weird so i had a good time

  • Nekromantik


    I...am not going to rate this because I literally don't know how

  • Midsommar



    *2nd theater watch, 1st time watch of director's cut*

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale

    i almost walked out of this after the first 20 minutes, but i stayed and...uh, i wish i didn’t. if jen wanted to make this movie, she should have had someone else write it

  • First Blood

    First Blood


    *points at sylvester stallone* dad