Moonlight ★★★★★

Thoughts after seeing this masterpiece in theaters for a second time:
-i have thought about this movie every single day since the first time i saw it and at first i wasn't sure why, but now i 100% know why
-kevin and chiron invented tragic romance and long lost love
-i am in love with janelle monae
-every scene in this movie that takes place on a beach puts every movie that has ever had a scene on a beach to shame
-that slow-motion/pause thing that happens when chiron and kevin see each other again for the first time in the diner is one of the most beautiful and romantic things i've probably ever seen?????? wow thank u barry
-the line "you're the only man that has ever touched me" is a such a simple stating of fact, but you can bet that my ass was sobbing like a baby
-i love this movie with all of my heart and i would die for it

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