Spencer ★★★★½

One of film’s greatest powers is the ability to turn mediocre songs into magical moments. I’ve become obsessed with a Celine Dione song because of Mommy, and “Rhythm of the Night” because of Beau Travail. For the longest time, I didn’t like or dislike Rihanna. I just had no opinion. After watching Girlhood and American Honey, though, I might as well have her poster hanging above my bed.

The first concert I ever saw was Mike and the Mechanics and The Escape Club. Who and the Who and The What Club?! Yeah, basically. Mike and the Mechanics had exactly two hits, and they’re… fine. But when “All I Need is a Miracle” comes on in Spencer, it’s magical. Pablo Larrain has shown us the depth of Diana’s pain, and the depth of her love for her sons. Jonny Greenwood’s sporadically dissonant score and Claire Mathon’s cinematography have emphasized Diana’s isolation, and we just need… release.

It comes at just the right time, with-and I don’t know how the hell they figured this out-just the right song. Because Kristen Stewart has given us such a window into Diana’s suffering, the moment leaps off the screen. I’m officially done being surprised by Stewart’s great performances. 

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